About Us

Ryan Malagara

Owner & Pilot

Having a love of flying, Ryan embraced one of the best gifts he ever received, a Drone. He then began sharing his videos and photos from above with others. This quickly turned into people wanting to hire him to do the same for their events, properties, and businesses. Ryan earned his small UAS pilot license with the FAA and officially launched his business Drones Eye View Inc. Ryan’s Aerial services are used for Real estate, weddings, Community events, Logging Industry, personal interests and more. Ryan has been hired to provide pictures and video for elite Real Estate agents. He was also hired to do a commercial television advertisement.  Ryan’s drone experience is very versatile and his excellent editing skills allow him to make the most of his footage.

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 FFA compliant

I hold a current FAA Remote Pilot License. When hiring a drone pilot, it’s important to make certain that they are FAA-licensed to fly drones commercially. It is required by federal law.

Professional Services Available

I will provide you with excellent aerial video and photography service. I tailor and customize each service to fulfill your aerial video and photography needs.